Choosing the right investment is important, but choosing to invest is even more important.  The biggest obstacle to retirement planning is actually implementing the plan.  We all know we should be saving for retirement, but many of us continue to procrastinate.  We sit around and talk about it, but we don’t actually do it.  See if any of these sound familiar:

 “I’ll start a savings plan after we get through Christmas, the kitchen renovation, the vacation, the car paid off….”

A monthly savings plan, even if you start small, gets you into the habit of saving.  After a few months you don’t even miss it.  Your spending habits adjust.  Saving for retirement is a habit, just like exercising or dieting.  It hurts at first, but within a month or two we have adjusted and it is part of our routine.

Don’t leave it too late.  Make an appointment today.

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