Cancer Guard


Cancer is all too common a topic in our lives.  Most Canadians know someone personally who has been stricken with Cancer.  Would a $25,000 tax-free cheque at diagnosis have helped with their recovery?

Cancer can strike anytime.  It can affect anyone, whether young or old, male, female or child.  Although you cannot escape the reality of dealing with Cancer, now you can limit the financial consequences for you and your family.

 Cancer Guard Insurance offers you:

  • No medical exams
  • Inexpensive monthly or annual premiums
  • Available for ages of 1 day old to 65 years old
  • A lump sum, tax-free benefit upon diagnosis of life threatening cancer of up to $100,000
  • Optional coverage enhancements
  • Eligibility is determined by simply answering “no” to two questions:
  1.  “In your lifetime, have you ever been diagnosed with cancer or a malignant tumour, had signs or symptoms of cancer, consulted a physician or undergone tests showing abnormal results for cancer; are you awaiting a test for cancer or have you had a test for cancer and awaiting the results?”
  2.  “In your lifetime, have you ever been diagnosed with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or tested positive for the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)?”

 The single biggest roadblock to recovering your good health is stress and the single largest contributor to stress is money worries.  Consider making Cancer Guard part of your overall financial planning strategy – it gives you the flexibility to recover on your terms.

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